Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty's Web


I am a massive fan of the Sherlock Holmes property, with a lot of strong ties to the fan community. So, it was only logical that would be my first independent board game venture. The result was a cooperative game with an emphasis on the character, designed on a moving tile board that adds a domino/puzzle aspect to play. 

After a long design process, I debuted the Moriarty’s Web at 2016 Comic Con, and the Kickstarter went live September 1, 2016. I met my $25,000 goal, which allowed me to manufacture my first run. 

Currently, Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty’s Web sells at Barnes & Noble and independent game stores across the country. We are prepping for a 2019 South Asian printing. I enjoy taking it to fan conventions across the country, and introducing it to people who have never played an indie board game before. 

The fan response has been amazing and incredibly humbling. I have had hundreds of messages of people from around the world telling me about their experiences with the game. I was inspired to actually change some rules for the second printing, and add a solo play mode.