Do you have some idea, some pet project you’ve always wanted to get into the world? It’s my job to guide the process. I have clients who give me written manuscripts they want me to ghost-edit into structured, readable books. I have other clients who give me an outline and tell me to just write the thing. Sometimes there’s just an amazing idea, and we work to come up with the outline together. Whatever level of hands-in-the-dirt involvement you want, that’s what I do. 

I specialize in memoirs and genre fiction – science fiction, fantasy, and mystery. I have a lot of long brainstorming sessions and conversations over Skype. 

Michelangelo said once that he didn’t sculpt. The sculpture was already there, inside the marble, and all the had to do was take away the extra parts. The more I write, the more I think that each story has a little diamond core. There is nothing more rewarding than looking at a project you’ve been working on for a year and finally saying, there you are. Look at you being the story you were supposed to be all along. 


Sometimes, the world of your creation is so huge and complex that you need someone else to babysit it for you – you have enough on your plate just telling the story. This is a very specific sort of job that I feel uniquely suited for. 

I was honored to contribute to the  fascinating work of scholarship that was The Annotated Sandman(and to be copied the same emails as Neil Gaiman.) it was my job to keep the hundreds of characters straight, and point out any inconsistencies, no matter how small. 

This is also the position I hold for fantasy writer Cornelia Funke, most famous for The Thief Lord and the Inkheart series. I wrote an informal encyclopedia, and am currently her authority on all things Mirrorworld, a useful resource if anyone needs to know details about a spell or character that hasn’t been mentioned since book one.


“Thank you for your excellent advice and encouragement. I am eager to make it better with your help. I can’t help but feel my book is ‘safe’ with you.”

– Deirdre Rooney

“I was riveted, couldn’t put it down. This more than meets expectations – thank you” 

– Bob Stek

“Thank you! I’m writing Book 4 currently and is so vastly helpful to be able to check on all the facts in an organized way J” 

– Cornelia Funke

“Good thing we have her on our team! These are awesome catches, thanks Lucy!” 

– Scott Nybakken