I grew up in and around the board game industry, so this is just the way my brain wants to think. I’ll take a closed system, think about the established parameters, and make sure that it works. And also make sure that it’s intuitive, balanced, and hopefully fun. 

Sometimes I’m brought on at the beginning of the board game  design process, to brainstorm and present large concepts. Other times, I’m given a central idea and asked to expand it into a game (or four or five games, so you have some choices.) Or I’m brought on later to balance, playtest, and write copy for cards. Each stage of the process has its own appeal.


Battle of the Sexes (20XX) - Card Writing Blah Blah

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WTF: What the Fish? (2016) - Development, balancing, playtesting

Smart Ass (year) - Cards

Rubick’s Battle (year) - Balancing, playtesting

Doink! (year) - Development, playtesting


Stratego Conquest  (year) - Playtesting, balancing, box back copy


Knocked Up (year) - Cards, development  

Trainwreck (year) - Cards, development  

Turning 40 (year) - Card, development  


Rotten Apples (year) - Cards

Mighty Beanz game concepts (year) - Development


Harry Potter High Concept Ideas (2018) - Development

Game of thrones: Rank and Vile (2018) -Development